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What is Bazaary

Bazaary, is an initiative from Quick Ride to take the peer to peer sharing to the next level. With Bazaary you can offer the products for sale or rental within trusted professional network, who are like minded and are near you.

With 4 Million+ verified professionals on Quick Ride, Bazaary will be the largest trusted marketplace that would help you buy, sell, or rent almost anything.

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How Bazaary Works

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Bazaary is India's largest verified marketplace with 4million + users where you can buy/rent/sell almost anything among trusted users

Open the Quick Ride app > Bazaary > Post Item > Select Category :
Step 1: Uploads Pictures (in different angles) > Write a brief Title > Choose whether your product is avaialble for rent/sell/both > What is the condition of your product ? - Choose 1 - Almost new/Brand new/Gently used > Year of purchase
Step 2:
Rent a product : Enter a daily rental price & set a refundable deposit amount / security deposit. And fill the item pickup location
OR Sell a product : Set a selling price and fill the item pickup location
OR Incase you want to receive offers for both rent/sale your product : Set a daily rent price & set a refundable/security deposit amount. Also, set the selling price too and fill the item pickup location
Your product will now be shared with the Bazaary Review Team and your product will be live shortly on Bazaary feed . You can click on the product image to check how the ad will be shown in the feed. You can also add a brief description about your product on this page, it will help the renter/buyer make a decision faster.

After you have completed posting the product that you want to sell/rent. You will receive requests from a buyers/renters. You can check the list of all the users who are interested to buy /rent your product and you can accept the offer of any buyer/renter you are ready to do the transaction with. Post this step, you can schedule a meeting and mutually decide on when to handover the product and ensure to complete the payment process and enter the OTP from the buyer/renter to complete the transaction.

Before completing the transaction make sure, the revised payment has been done for the extra day and you have received the same

Yes you can send a reminder to the user from our internal chat option

Bazaary charges a nominal commission of 6%
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